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               Closet Organization

While we all may want a luxury walk in closet, we don't all have one!  Enjoyment of your closet has so much more to do with how it is organized than the size.  Does this surprise you? 


It may surprise you further to find out a huge closet can easily lead to a huge headache if it is not properly utilized.

So whether your closet is tiny and troubled OR huge with mayhem, your perfect closet design depends on organization.

Steps to an Organized Closet

First step - the Purge

Turns out, that old dress in the back will not be coming back in style. Or maybe you don't even like all 32 hand bags you have kept for 10 years.  Sometimes you may even have items of clothing that no longer fit or are in disrepair.  Whatever story fits explains your closet, a quick sift, sort and purge can trim it down to the right size.

Second step - Categorize

After excess items are disposed of, either by way of garbage or donation you can get a better idea of what you actually need.  Taking one step further - categorizing your remaining items helps you determine what type of closet system will work well for you.  This is why custom closet solutions work the best.  Everyone has different amounts of stuff and categorizing them will help define your space.  A well defined closet space will save you time, energy and frustration when looking for wanted items and can help to keep your clothing in good condition for wearing.  When picking out a closet organizing system make sure to plan for surplus room. This will make sure you can add some additional items without things becoming a mess.

Third step - Get a Closet System Installed

There are many different types of closet systems, with many different features and designs.  You can choose something very basic, just meant for structure, to something with a high end finishes to match your home.  Some systems are meant for easy installation and some are easy to change as the closet needs change ie. from child to teenager.

Fourth step - Pack it in!

You have done the hard work, now the fun part.  If you have done all the steps before properly, this step is no problem.  Don't forget to use drawer inlays to help keep drawers organized!

Fifth step - Maintain the Closet Organization

Once the closet is complete, simply maintain.  It is much easier to put things in the correct place, when it has a defined place.  If you have calculated correctly and you have extra space, you won't have to do this when you get new items.  However, remind yourself that when your space gets full, it is time to start back at step one and purge once more. Remember, people usually only use 30% of the clothing they have, so you may not need everything.

KAT Organizing services include complete closet organization with custom closet installation .  We walk you through the steps above while doing all the work so you can simply enjoy the results.  Easy to achieve the results you want and easy to maintain!

 It's not always about the size of your closet, it is about how well you use the space inside your closet.

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