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Questions you might ask when hiring an organizing professional

Never!  This is a judgement free zone.  We realize you are calling us in to help. 

Do I have to straighten up before you come over?

We will either Package for Storing, Donate or Arrange for Haul Away - based on your decision.

Do you throw my stuff away?

The price is based on what is needed and how many hours it will take to complete. My rates are very competitive!

How much do you charge?

We consult with you to find what items mean the most to you - to help you "rightsize" appropriately.

How do you know what to keep or take for moving services?

I meet with both of you and find a solution that considers both of you.

I have a spouse who is out of control.  How can you help?

Most seniors want to "rightsize" and they just don't have the physical ability to do so. We start one room at a time, and always respect your wishes.

Moving as a senior citizen, is stressful. Where do I begin?

Your privacy is of utmost importance.  We may take pictures but we never disclose names or identifying attributes. Unwanted paperwork is disposed of via shredding for your protection.

Is this kept confidential and is my privacy guarded?

I am a professional and I can walk you through the process necessary to "let go" in a healthy way.

Hoarding - I am stuck! How do you help me get un-stuck?

We will donate usable items or give to family/friends. It is up to you and in your control.

What happens to my stuff I don't want?

Yes! Kids are more receptive than adults.  It takes practice, consistency and don't forget to have fun!  But most of the time, they love it.

Can you teach my kids to be organized?

Yes, I can.  I make recommendations based on your needs and I can pull it all together, depending what you want to do.

Do you provide the stuff I need for organizing?

Yes, most definitely.  We protect you as well as ourselves by being properly licensed and insured.

Are you licensed and insured?

We discuss your priorities and we build a schedule with that in mind.

How do we start?

Yes, we set up and organize paperwork and we leave a system in place so you can maintain it if you wish.

Do you organize paperwork?

No. This is a privately owned business.  Not being a franchise helps us to customize solutions for each customer while offering the best pricing structure.

Is this a franchise?

Certainly. Most of the time parents will take advice from a professional rather than their "child".  Remember, they are use to being in charge and some are fearful of giving away their independence.

My parents get defensive when I talk about getting rid of things.  Can you help?
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