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KAT Organizing

Presentations and Education

  • Organize your basement, and find the extra space you already have!

  • Clean out your attic and you may find treasure.

  • Downsizing your home might be “Rightsizing”

  • HOARDING: How to Start Clearing the Space.

  • Organize your kids from the get-go!

  • Essentials on how to organize your kids for school.

  • Get in and Go, organize your car.

  • How to tackle big home organizational projects.

  • A critical component of an organized home is time management.

  • Get out from under your paper - and get your life organized.

  • Organization that leaves no room for cobwebs in closets.

  • Rightsizing to your next adventurous home space

  • How to organize your photo and get ready to digitize them

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