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Should you be downsizing-- or Right-sizing?

I refer to Home Organization as Rightsizing.  This is because during different stages of our life we need different amounts of "stuff".  Or, sometimes we inherit or keep things, and we just don't know what to do with it all.

Rightsizing due to:

  • Empty Nesters

  • Inheriting Parents Home

  • Moving

  • Aging in Place

Empty Nesters

What happens to all the stuff when your kids start moving away or going to college.  They generally take what they want or need and leave behind a shell filled with a diverse range of items.

Parents Home

What about your parents home, filled with your childhood memories and heirlooms?  The family china set, the sewing machine, the countless pictures and paperwork that tell a lifelong story of your heritage.


At some point in our life we may want to move for a variety of reasons, and yet we feel stuck because of the "stuff".  Maybe you don't even feel able to physically move your items, or to sort through the many years of storage.

Aging in Place

Through their strict vetting process the National Association of Senior Move Managers have created a process to properly help the many seniors who choose to stay safety and comfortably in their home as they enter their golden years.

We accumulate items over the years for many reasons.  Unfortunately we are not always clear about how to get rid of them when they are no longer wanted or needed.  


  • Emotional

  • Paperwork

  • Electronics

  • Furniture

Rightsizing is the act of identifying the categories of the items and keeping what is right for you!  The emotional category includes pictures, family heirlooms and collector items.  It is therapeutic to understand that if something is worth keeping, it is worth keeping well.  Not shoved in some undisclosed place subject to mold or moisture.  Not only do we encourage people to keep the items that are meaningful, but they also realize they have the space available to display or appreciate them when they get rid of the debri they don't need.

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