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“I hired KAT after struggling with my Home Office for several years.  Not only was it wildly out of control, I was not being productive and my husband who also worked from home, found it a constant area of anxiety.  

Unfortunately my husband was concerned about someone "just throwing stuff out" and I was concerned with being judged for not being able to create a reasonable work environment.


Kris really listened.  She listened to what we needed and she gave great advice.  I had the option to work with her, or she could get it done herself.  I chose a little of both!


Kris came back for a follow up visit which made a lot of sense.  She wanted to make sure the office was working for us!


I originally had so much anxiety over using this type of service, and honestly I almost cancelled twice.  She truly is non judge mental and I wish I did this years ago. I completely trust her and would recommend her to anyone."


Thanks,  T.R.   October 2018 

“Excellent performance! Very, very helpful to a family who are in a situation to move an 84 year old to a retirement community – reduced a lot of stress”

-D. Price

“There’s little room for improvement in your work, attitude, demeanor, organization skills, sheer muscle and energy… and the results you created. You have obviously nurtured just the right amount of your own personal flexibility and human empathy acting to make us feel that you understand our overall maxi-clutter problems which needed to be viewed and fixed – Thank You!”

-J. Webb

“I thought you did a great job helping me! If I could, I’d have you do the entire house!”


“Our basement has never looked better! Kris, you worked so hard with us all day, and our result was better than hoped for!”

-D. Robbins

Before and After Photos

To preserve the privacy of my customers names are not provided for the images below.

basement before and after 1.JPG
basement before and after 2.JPG
closet before and after.JPG
kitchen b 2016_edited_edited.jpg
kitchen a 206_edited_edited.jpg
garage b.JPG
garage a.JPG
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