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Some people have a disorder that makes it difficult for them to get rid of any item, whether sentimental or not. In fact, throwing away an item can lead to extreme anxiety and make them feel as if they are in an emotional crisis.


Not only can it be hard to get rid of items, hoarders also have difficulty organizing. This can lead to functional impairments such as loss of living space and health hazards.


A person who hoards often violates fire codes.  In a house where hoarding exists the house usually has narrow pathways through them and you are unable to get a wheel chair, walker or gurney to pass through.  If there is a medical emergency, the authorities are unable to reach the person quickly.   


In case of a fire emergency, most people have 1 - 2 minutes to escape safely. Hoarding creates a fire code violation because it inhibits the ability to escape swiftly or allow firefighters to assist in the process. 


Hoarding also impairs the ability to maintain the home and make regular repairs such as for plumbing or electrical issues.  This can create an unsafe living environment for the homeowner as well as significantly decreasing the resale value of the home.  If repairs are provided, additional tripping hazards exists for the repair worker which puts additional financial responsibility and risk on the home owner.


Hoarding can become disruptive to relationships and to the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Some hoarders are sometimes trying to cope with loneliness or drug and alcohol abuse. Others are grieving or dealing with a trauma.

We specialize in clearing the excessive debri associating with the illness of hoarding.  While we are not treating the "hoarder" or consulting about the disease we are careful, compassionate and capable to provide the services necessary to get in good standing with local authorities.  All items are disposed of in a proper way, whether donated, recycled, stored or thrown away.

Kris Todd has given several presentations about hoarding the consequences.  In this short clip she explains the shocking facts about the fines associated with non-compliance of a court ordered clean up.

Warning:  the images below may be disturbing.

They may be disturbing, but they are real.  Each person suffered with hoarding and the consequence is often times devastating.  Leading to financial hardship, depression, physical illness and reclusion.  

*disclaimer - the fact sheet is not created by KAT Organizing and is available just as an additional resource.  We are not responsible for the content.

We were able to help these individuals get a fresh start and improve their quality of life.

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one contact a professional for medical help.  Your doctor can refer you.

Contact us now for immediate scheduling for clean up services or if you would like additional information.

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