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We spend a life time documenting our life with photos of our most precious moments and loved ones.   Yet the pictures end up in a pile, left somewhere. 

Life Photographs

Memories... to last a lifetime

Photo Management Service

Do you have a bunch of pictures with the hopes to someday get them organized so everyone can appreciate them?

Perhaps you have inherited family photos - and you just don't have the time to sort through them.

A Photo Organizer is a specialist who loves photographs and enjoys helping people maintain their important memories!  At KAT Organizing we specialize in digital imagery services and other photo management related tasks.  We provide assistance and tools to Sort, Protect and Share your photo collection for generations to come. You determine how much support you want every step of the way.

Family Portrait Sepia

Photo Management

  1. Photo Organization

  2. Scanning Service

  3. Organize and Delete Duplicates

  4. Preserve and Showcase Memories

Photo Organization 

We know the idea or arranging years and years of photographs can seem insurmountable.  After tossing them in boxes, drawers or unforgiving photo albums that have not weathered time well, we can help calm the storm.  We focus on the end goal, your goal and help take the tension away so that you can preserve the many happy memories of your lifetime, and more.

We can work with you side-by-side or totally take the project out of your way.

Scanning Services

We specializes in hi-speed scanning which creates a way for you to easily access them and keep your memories alive.  If your photographs are in a folder, package or simply scattered around, by scanning the images into a digital format, our team members can help preserve them, thereby saving them so you never have to think about missing your cherished memories.


For safekeeping, children's artwork, drawings, slides and negatives may all be scanned as well.

Organize and Remove Duplicates 

As you look through your photos are you ever stuck wondering, is this a duplicate? If so, what do I do with it? Sometime in the past you, or someone who betrothed the pictures to you may have purchased duplicates in order to share the pictures with others. We will help you decide, organize, back up and possibly delete duplicates or unwanted photos.  You know- the ones where the head was cut off, or a finger blurred the image. 

Family Photo Album

Showcase Your Memories

This is the fun part! How do you want your memories preserved and shared. You get to decide.

Do you want only digital or quality photo books. 

We will show you a plethora of options, and you can decide.  No more putting it on the backburner, this is a project that will be completed.

This is why we are here to help!  Contact us for complete details.

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