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Back to School Organizing!

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Hi, Ya'll--and Happy August! Fall is my favorite time of the year.  End of summer is also known for BACK TO SCHOOL! If you have seen the Target-  Back to School commercials, you know it also means school supply and clothes shopping, upcoming paper clutter, homework management, busy mornings, after school sports and activities, games on the weekends and more! Whew--Busy Life when you're a parent!

July was a VERY busy month for me as a Professional Organizer with everyone moving and unpacking, and now the calls/emails I'm getting are about, "I need your help getting my kids organized for back to school--there's just too much to deal with, and I'm sick of having to shut their bedroom door just so I don't have to stare at the constant tornado aftermath they make with all their stuff!"

How to Help Kids Get Organized

I help kids and parents alike get organized for Back to School by helping to first and foremost,

  • get the space de-cluttered

  • guide the kids/parents make decisions about their items

  • help them to make decisions on quantity of what to keep/don't keep

  • create organized system

  • re-place the kept items

  • donate and recycling according to plan

  • haul-away services according to plan

  • educate on maintenance techniques

The parents get their donation receipt for a tax write-off.  

Creating an organized space and starting off the school year organized can set a child up for success.  Truth is, children love to be organized, but it is a skill that must be taught. The good news is even if you struggle with it, you can learn it - at any age.  

However, some of us just don’t have time.  That’s ok too! That is why I am here. You continue to do what you do best and I can make sure you and your child get started this school season in the right direction.  I create and put in place systems for functionality, teaching the kids/parents how to become Self-Organized. I organize bedrooms, closets, playrooms, backpacks, school supply bins, toy clutter, memorabilia, filing, and more for kids.

Remember, if you child struggles with ADHD, organizing him/her for school is a must.  If you need more information about your child's rights at school with ADHD, get more information from CHADD here.

Ready to get started with me this weekend for Back to School Organizing?

Get Organized for Back to School
Getting Organized for Back to School




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